National Customer Satisfaction Index-UK

NCSI-UK Monitor

The NCSI-UK Monitor enables organisations of all types to track their customers’ satisfaction over time using the exact same methodology that produces results for the National Customer Satisfaction Index-UK. Companies can benchmark their own results with other firms across the entire NCSI-UK structure with the assurance that the measurement system itself is scientifically proven and consistent over time.

As an NCSI-UK Monitor client, you can:

  • Compare your organisation’s customer satisfaction benchmarks with published national, industry, and company scores.
  • Conduct strategic benchmarking initiatives based on independent, reliable metrics derived from the same methodology used to produce scores on the NCSI-UK and ACSI websites.

With NCSI-UK Monitor, clients access survey instruments that ACSI researchers have developed and perfected for dozens of industries over nearly two decades.

Customer satisfaction results will be a key component for gauging both your organisation’s competitive stature and the strength of your customer relationships. To start the process, NCSI-UK Monitor clients receive the exact text for survey questions, along with the technical support needed to integrate these questions into existing survey instruments.

Next, our team of customer satisfaction experts model the raw responses obtained from the customer surveys and deliver the resulting NCSI-UK benchmarks. For each set of customer responses, the NCSI-UK will calculate an overall customer satisfaction score, along with other metrics used in the ACSI model.

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